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Follow the path of a great hero!
The mighty gods of Olympus were strongly worshipped by the people in the beginning. However, as the years went by, their love for the gods diminished. Now the gods have withdrawn from the people and the world is suffering. The only way to restore order is to bring the gods 7 ancient artifacts Hercules left scattered throughout Peloponnese. Use your match-3, hidden object, and adventure skills to restore peace between mankind and the gods!

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The Path of Hercules


Mankind once worshipped the gods of Olympus mightily. They were obedient to the will of the gods, and the gods were kind to them. However, as the years passed, mankind lost its way. The temples were deserted, and the gods shunned by most. For this act of disobedience the gods have decided to let the world ruin right under their feet. A combination of your expert match-3 puzzle solving skills, hidden object sequence mastery, and eagerness for adventure are the only hope the world has left.

Hercules walked the lands of Ancient Greece, leaving 7 artifacts behind. The only way to appease the gods is to return these artifacts to them. Sacrifices must be made, but it is to ensure the survival of all of mankind. Journey in Hercules footsteps as you collect the relics, going from one legendary city to the next. With over 60 levels chock full of exciting gameplay, there is no slowing down this adventure! Prepare for a journey you will never forget in The Path of Hercules!

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